DreamHack Leipzig LAN FAQ 2019 (English)



Frequently Asked Questions

Your questions about DreamHack Leipzig

We have put together our FAQ to answer your questions. Can’t find the right answer?
Have a look at https://forum.dreamhack-leipzig.de. Or send your question to info@dreamhack-leipzig.de.

Age restrictions

  • "I would love to visit DreamHack Leipzig in 2019, but I am not 16 yet. Can I come with my parents?"
    For the first time the DreamHack Leipzig opens their doors for visitors at the age of 12 years. Younger fans now have limited access to DreamExpo (Hall 4).
    On account of regulations for the protection of minors, entry to DreamHack is restricted to people over the age of 16 (eSports and exhibition area in hall 4) and 18 (LAN in hall 5), respectively. No exceptions will be made for children who carry a “note from Mum” or are accompanied by a guardian.

Ticket sales

  • "Are discounted tickets available?"
    No. The prices charged at our ticket desk on site are universal. If you are visiting the event on all three days, an event pass is cheaper than buying multiple day passes. >> Tickets

  • "Can holders of tickets for DreamHack Leipzig 2019 ride public transport for free?"
    Yes. Holders of day passes, event passes or the DreamHack Leipzig 2019 LAN pass are entitled to use the public transport network for free! >> MDV tariff zone plan

  • "Are the XMG passes valid for the entire duration of the event?"
    All LAN passes are valid for the entirety of the event (15–17 February 2019) and give their holder access to the events during the opening hours. The LAN area is open 24/7. >> Opening hours

  • "Unfortunately, I cannot go to DreamHack Leipzig. Can I transfer my ticket to someone else?"
    If you want to use the MDV, you need to change the name on the ticket. Please contact tickets@leipziger-messe.de. If you are passing on a LAN pass to someone else, you also need to have the pass assigned to the new owner. To do this, please contact congressregistration@leipziger-messe.de and include your ticket information in your e-mail. Ticket resale is prohibited.

  • "Can I get a refund?"
    You can get a refund on your ticket within 14 days of the date of purchase. To do this, please click the link in your confirmation e-mail. This option is not available for LAN passes.

  • "I have a voucher for a visit to Leipziger Messe. Is it valid for the LAN, too?"
    No, vouchers can only be exchanged for visitor passes.

Exhibitors, suppliers, DreamExpo

  • "What can I expect from the DreamExpo?"
    The DreamExpo is part of the DreamHack festival experience. The most innovative companies from the gaming industry present their latest hardware, gaming equipment, games and gadgets there. The programme also includes stage shows, prize draws, cosplays and more. Meet the developers and e-sports pros, try out the latest games and keep your eyes open for attractive event deals. Don’t forget to check the news section and event section of http://www.dreamhack-leipzig.de/en/?language=en every now and then to keep up to date.

  • "Will there be a Valve fan shop where I can buy CS:GO pins?"
    VALVE do not allow the sale of CS:GO pins at DreamHack Leipzig 2019.


  • "Where can I store my things?"
    There are 30 lockers in the eastern entrance hall. You can use them to store your things easily and securely. Use of the lockers costs EUR 2.00 (not refundable). Dimensions of the lockers: (L x W x H) 55cm x 27cm x 30cm and 55cm x 27cm x 53cm.

  • "Is there a cloakroom?"
    There is a cloakroom in the eastern entrance hall. It is staffed during the opening hours of the expo.


  • "Is there a sleeping area?"
    Unfortunately, there are no sleeping areas in the exhibition halls (hall 4, DreamExpo). We recommend that you book a hotel room. Participants of the LAN have various options for getting some rest (if they want :-))

  • "Are there still hotel rooms available in the area?"
    Good question! >> Book a hotel

  • "Can I participate with a disability?"
    There are no specific logistic obstacles for visitors coming to Leipziger Messe or the DreamHack LAN with a wheelchair. Of course, your accompanying caregiver enters for free (requirement: "B” mark on your disabled person’s ID), but they do not get a LAN seat. For your information: each LAN space is 85 cm wide.

  • "Where can I park and how much does it cost?"
    We have put together some information about arriving by car. Please note that the LAN Seat XMG and LAN Seat+ passes include parking right by the hall. >> Directions and parking

  • "Will there be food and drink?"
    There will be a range of drinks, snacks and some hot dishes available at DreamHack Leipzig.


  • "When can I book my seat?"
    The reservation will start in the week of december, 10th. We will keep you up to date in this forum.

  • "When does the LAN area open?"
    The LAN party will start on Friday, 15/02/2019 at 8:00 am and end on 17/02/2019 at 4:00 pm. Our dedicated car park for LAN participants will open at 7:30 am.

  • "How can I reserve a LAN seat?"
    The seat reservation for you starts in the week of december, 10th. You will receive in advance the link to the seat reservation and the access code. With these two items, you will achieve your dream placement within the LAN.

  • "How can I reserve a LAN-Seat + or an XMG-Seat?"
    You’ll have a chance of a seat reservation a whole day in advance. This means that you can reserve your hotspot from the week of 10th december. You will receive the link to the reservation as well as the access code - of course a bit earlier.

  • "How can I reserve seats with my clan?"
    In the first step, the clan leader selects a seat area for himself and his clan members and positions his own seat in it. The places selected by the clan leader are blocked for his clan.
    Afterwards, the clan members will receive an e-mail with their access data and will choose their dream place within the seating area previously determined by the clan leader.

  • "Can I share my LAN pass with a friend?"
    Your LAN pass is personalised. No-one but you can use it to access the LAN area.

  • "What does ‘Easy Access’ mean on the tickets?"
    “Easy Access” means that you will get to the hall and the LAN faster and more comfortably. This feature is included in the LAN Seat+ and LAN Seat XMG passes. You can drive right up to the LAN hall and park in the immediate vicinity of the LAN area entrance. You are also entitled to use the check-in counter for faster access.

  • "Can I sit with my friends?"
    You can select adjacent seats during booking. In 2019, the XMG Area will be a closed area, however: only holders of a LAN Seat XMG can sit there. If you buy a combination of XMG passes and other ticket types, you will unfortunately be unable to sit next to each other.

  • "Can I add more clan members later?"
    If your clan grows unexpectedly, that is no problem. The latecomers need to make sure that they enter the same clan name (ideally, with the same spelling). Afterwards, send an brief message specifying the ticket data (player name and e-mail address) of all clan members to congressregistration@leipziger-messe.de, so we can assign your friends to your clan.

  • "Can I leave the LAN area to eat something?"
    Of course, you can leave and enter the LAN area as you please. There is plenty of food available at the exhibition area, too.

  • "Can I bring my own food and drink?"
    Of course, you can bring your own food and drink. Alternatively, you can order breakfast sets from fairgourmet. They are available as an extra during the seat booking process.

  • "Can I leave my PC in the LAN area without worrying?"
    There is plenty of security staff at the LAN, but Leipziger Messe cannot be held liable for any incidents. Kensington locks are a great option for protection your PC and peripheral equipment from theft. (See our AGB, section 2.5: Special Conditions of Participation (PDF, 77.5 kB).)

  • "What sort of chairs are used for the event?"
    The pass for a LAN Seat XMG includes a racing chair; the categories LAN Seat and LAN Seat+ include a cushioned conference chair (no office chair). You are welcome to bring your own chair to the LAN.

  • "How large are the seats/desk spaces at the LAN?"
    Each player will have 85x80 cm (WxD) of desk space (LAN Seat, LAN Seat+)

  • "Can I bring my own peripheral equipment to my LAN Seat XMG?"
    Of course, you can bring your own peripheral equipment.

  • "What will be pre-installed at the XMG seats?"
    LoL, CS:GO and Dota will be installed on the machines, but you need your own Steam/LoL/Battle.net/Uplay account.

  • "What is the approximate configuration of the LAN Seat XMG computers?"
    The configuration of the XMG DreamHack PC will only be finalised shortly before the event. Last year, we had this machine at each seat.

  • "Do you have jobs for volunteers?"
    We currently do not have any vacancies for volunteers. You are welcome to apply for a job as a helper at Messe Leipzig (be sure to mention DreamHack Leipzig): http://www.leipziger-messe.de/karriere/aushilfen/

  • "What is peripheral equipment?"
    Peripheral equipment refers to all those devices that are connected to your PC and control it: your mouse, keyboard, game pad, joystick.

  • "Will there be IT support at the LAN?"
    The experts from the IT department at Leipziger Messe will be available during the entire 56 hours of the event to solve small and big problems. If you need to buy spare parts during the event, the DreamStore by Media Markt is open at the DreamExpo.

  • "Can I bring two screens?"
    Please keep in mind that your maximum load is limited to 1 kW. If you can keep to that limit and fit the entire set-up on your desk space (85x80 cm, WxD): sure!

  • "Are there tournaments specifically for LAN participants?"
    There will be tournaments for various games. We will supply all information in October, once we have connected the registration system and the communication system. By the way: we already have plans for finals on the event stage!

  • "Will there be space for guest servers?"
    Yes, we have some leftover LAN cables at the support centre. Please register in the corresponding thread on the forum.

  • "How will LAN participants communicate with each other?"

    • In this forum!
    • Discord as a voice and text chat
    • Any other communication channel of your choice (TeamSpeak, Skype, Ventrilo, ICQ, AIM, etc.)
  • "Is there a sleeping area?"
    There is no dedicated sleeping area, but we will save enough space for your mattress/sleeping bag next to the LAN area or, in some rows, directly behind your seat. The integrated relaxation zones are also intended as rest spaces for LAN participants. Please note: tents cannot be brought in!
    Participants who value genuine privacy are advised to book a hotel room.

  • "Which parking spaces can I use with my LAN Seat+ or XMG pass?"
    These tickets give you a parking space at hall 5 for the duration of DreamHack Leipzig 2019.

  • "Can I book a parking space in advance?"
    Unfortunately, you cannot book your parking space separately.
    Holders of a LAN seat have access to the visitors’ car park (EUR 6 per day).

  • "Can I arrive in a camper van and spend the nights in it?"
    You are very welcome bring your camper van and sleep in it. We cannot provide sanitary facilities or electricity for your camper van.

  • "If I arrive by camper van or trailer, do I have to pay more for a parking space?"
    That depends on your camper van or trailer. Our parking spaces are approximately 5 metres long. If your camper van or trailer takes up more than one parking space, you will have to pay for an additional space.

  • "What else do I need to keep in mind?"
    If you book any extra services in relation to the LAN (e.g. LAN ticket shop, forum, Toornament), make sure to register with the same e-mail address you used when buying your tickets. Don’t use a “disposable” e-mail address for buying your tickets! If you want to change your e-mail address in our ticket shop (for ticket orders, seat reservations), please e-mail congressregistration@leipziger-messe.de.

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